Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Solutions for Neptune

There is always a problem if you are living on Neptune. But there will be a solution.

Here is my solution.There is a space shuttle big enough for a family of 7. The wheels are  inflatable and sucks up the water and changes it into air.

Second of all I have made a space mask.Which sucks up the carbon dioxide and turns it into air.Which of course you need a space suit,there is 7 in the space shuttle.

Last of all If you want water food you can walk with water boots. Water boots are like magnets but only sticks to water!!! The food, well you can carry water and put in it into the Transferenator 1000.

Thank you for reading and have fun in Neptune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Netbook Preview 2011

At the beginning of the year we got the chance to buy a Net Book.We would pay $15 dollars a month.The first time our class Room 14,got it my net book ran out of power.Now I am learning how to type with out looking at the keyboard.

These are my positives!!! 1.You can backspace instead of rubbing out.2.You can type faster and get your work done quicker.3.The other thing is that ubuntu has a software system and you can download games and other cool stuff.

Now on to my Negatives!!! 1.The Internet can sometimes be slow.2.The Batterie on your computer can run out FAST! 3.Your handwriting cannot improve.

I feel that this is a very educational thing to do for the Yr 4’s up to Yr 5’s

Monday, November 28, 2011


I,ve made this bilboard because the elections were on Saturday the 26th of November. The year 5 & 6 extension group had to do this as well. Plus this is our assignment.

This bilboard is representing Labour. The leader of labour is Phil Goff.I really hope they will win because there will be no gst on fruit and veggies. Also put the wages up 15%.

This Bilboard is comparing to Labour as well.My motto is "Make life easier".If you pick me Gst goes down while wages rise up.

I love making bilboards in Extension because the elections are very important for New Zealand!!!!


Friday, November 18, 2011


“I can’t wait to arrive at school and go home!!!”

It’s Thursday 17th of November when room 14 and some parents went to One Tree Hill & go to the Star dome. As we walked out of the bus we had morning tea. Then we went for a LONG walk up to the summit and down.

We had an amazing view once we reached the top of the summit. I could see were the bus dropped us off. As we were walking down Ms Squires our teacher told us we could play in the crater. It was a very bad day for me because a lava rock fell on my thigh and another rock my fell on my pinkie. ”ARRGHH” I shouted. We had lunch after.

Were finally about to enter the Star dome,and I am very excited. There was a lady called Petra and she was our star dome teacher.We had a look at the planets.I found a mars meteoroid and a moon meteoroid.Can you name the planets from closest to the sun? Next we went into the Star Dome,the actual thing. It is just a dome ceiling with a large projector. We watched a movie about two kids and a book with a head. I was about when they traveled to all 8 planets and a dwarf planet. Then we went into the space room. Petra was in there she made us an own solar system.

I love the Star Dome because I like space and our solar system.I want to come back here another time!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Comet Out Of ICE CREAM!!!!

Eagerly waiting for my turn I just LOOKED!!!

On Tuesday Ms Squires (My Teacher) had promised my class we will make a comet out of ICE CREAM!!! Are you wondering how that is possible? Well,first you wash your hands of course.Then make dust by crushing up biscuits,chocolate sprinkles and 100's & 1000's.Finally put a scoop of ice cream into your hand and then set it gently on a cone.

"Crunch"went the mixture of biscuits.This was before the sprinkles.We were bashing the bag like mad!!! I thought that was a sign of hungrynious (Pronounced Hung-ry-nis) and because of people starring at the person who is getting there first serve.I thought that when people stuck there nails into the spoon was pretty unhygienic,but "oh well"

After everyone had there turn I was thinking that I wouldn't want one,but I was hot so I did in the end.The scoop of ice cream just fell into my hand.I rolled it around in the mixture and it was nice and soft.Once I picked it up my fingers they were numb.I finally put it into a cone and raced outside to enjoy my delicious comet.I felt like coating it with chocolate syrup.

When I took a bite out of it I my taste buds was like they where in heaven.I gulped it up and the cone was scrumptious.If I had eaten it sooner I might have gotten a second.I said to myself"Better luck next time"

I like having things like these because it just's makes my day!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tired from the holidays, I was hoping to see an exciting topic for this term.”Ding,ding” went the bell. I rushed into the room and all I see..... a sign with planets! Luckily it had a topic,and it was...Outta This WORLD!!! I thought to myself this would be 8 weeks of Gravity and Planets!

Walking into the hall for Immersion Assembly I saw aliens, ballet people...ay,ballet people?  “What has that got to do with space ?” I wondered. Oh well.Who cares? I saw people with boxes on their head and last of all, sun people.

Mr Burt, our principal, ran in wearing no costume but his school uniform! That will sound strange but yeah he did. Usually he has the best costume of all. He started the assembly with a story about the constellation Manaiakalani, the hook from heaven. He also told us how the north island of New Zealand was formed.

”Now it’s time for Team 1” he exclaimed. Team 1 had an amazing movie about the sun. It was about wondering where the sun was.

“Now it’s time for Team 4.” They made a movie too. It was the Wiggles song “Twinkle ,Twinkle Little Star” It was funny because they were ballerinas and they were doing twirls and eaps.One of them was a MAN!!! Mr Marks!!!

I love this topic for this term because I am pretty knowledgeable about space, planets & gravity. I think it will be fun.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

“Crikey” Said Steve Irwin. Have you ever seen The Crocodile Hunter,well he says “Crikey that’s a big one” I’ll show you one of his video’s after you read my story...

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was the best I’ve ever seen until a stingray stab him in the chest.His crew got him to the hospital but it was too late.Arised his son,Terri Irwin the future crocodile hunter.  

I can’t wait until he makes a episode about him.The only thing I’ve seen about him is him jumping on a baby croc.I feel sorry for it.Now his video.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Here is Links you have to highlight into youtube.These are the videos to the Warriors vs Storms & Warriors vs Sea Eagles game.......ENJOY!  

The First Rugby Ball

Do you want to know how Rugby balls made??? If you do this is a  story you won’t forget.

Soccer balls were made by a raw Pig’s Bladder that also holds the              urine .Pretty disgusting I know I thought that too! They are all  different sizes because Pig’s are. The olden Rugby balls were very  unhygienic and also had a yuck smell as well.

Let me tell you how they played Rugby in the olden days.They didn’t! They played Soccer like me. Rugby didn’t come along until... William Webb Ellis was in High School.In his High School,they were playing a game of soccer and then he disobeyed the rules and picked the ball and then ran with it and scored a try

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank you Bucklands Beach Lions Club for these free and enjoying books you have saved up for us.

My first book that I have got are made by an author Geronimo Stilton book and the title is I'm Not A Supermouse. All that I have read so far is that he is trapped in a elevator in new mouse city library and his phone rings….

The second book is made by Jim Eldridge and the title is called The Trenches.It is about the first world war there is a man in there and thats all I know about that book.

A another thanks to the Bucklands Beach Lions Club for supporting us.We get these books every year.The name we call the books are Duffy Books!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wyatt's Report About a Humpback Whale

I,ve been writing a report about the humpback whale.The Lifespan,life cycle and many more other things,here it is.........

Lifespan? Where they live/Habitat Size/Length
40-50 Yrs On top of waterSize..52 feet
90-100 YrsNorthern atlantic Length...16 cm

What they eat? There Special Features The Rare’s Whale (Humpback) How it eats?
Krill/Small School Fish???Blue whaleThe Bubble Net catch

Monday, September 19, 2011


Did you know that fire alarm are not being used properly...why? Well read this article.

Have you ever wondered if your fire alarm is working???
You should because 90% of people do not have working smoke alarms & 10% Do!!! So that is a BIG difference.Also did you know that most fire alarms expire between the age from five to ten years,so if you have had your fire alarm for more than that age you might need it to maybe buy a new one.

You should make a fire plan in-case if a fire does occur. Then you will have a escape plan,but make copies and put them in every room in the house because if you are trapped you will have an escape plan with you...

When you are in a fire you will need to get down,get low & get OUT FAST!!! After you get out you need a safe place to hide and get to.When an adult gets there tell them to ring 111 or if they are not get to your neighbours house & ask them.

Now I feel good that people are using them now.

Here is a video I made on Hyperstudio...Sit Back And Enjoy The Show!!!


Monday, September 12, 2011


Do you like Apes? I do,that is why I am writing about it.

Well,did you know when Apes fight they usually get their fists and just hit the stomach unless... I don’t know actually... But what I do know is apes can open their mouths very very wide? Here’s a picture of an animated ape opening his/her mouth.

I’ve got this from The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Cross Country

Photobucket“Dah Donk,Dah Donk” went my pounding heart. I was anxious because it was the 10 yr olds to start their Cross Country race. Here was the good part, I was in it! I’m actually nine but my birthday is 4 days away in September. I said to my dad before cross country... “I might lose because I only came 5 or 6th last year”
“It doesn't matter,” he replied, “But you should still do your best.”

I kept his words in my head and got back into game mode. Mrs Garden lined us up into a curved line and put the fast people in the better end because they can run uphill.
Mr Burt shouted “On you marks, Get set........Go!!!” I blasted off with a energy boost and past everyone in front of me, until Lorenzo Kelly Brown shot passed me. It was funny because I was coming 1st then he overtook me and I moved into 2nd place and we did that althroughout the race.

During the race we ran uphill into a little track where it was just shells and rocks. You had to follow the track until it got you to a bridge which lead you through a forest full of trees. When I looked ahead I could see Tamaki College. Miss King was there and told us to go left and that lead us back onto the track again and we followed this until we came to the finish line.

Eventually I came 2nd I felt good because it was still a huge improvement instead of coming 5 or 6th. My dad was very proud and my mum as well.

I like Cross Country because it can be fun especially if we have no accidents and we didn’t.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Do you ever feel like you just want to just get out of the house or classroom??? If you do,I think you better read this Story...

Once I walked into the hall I saw rackets,shuttles and also a lady. My friend Jacob,he knew what we were going to do. Before I could even think of what we are going to play,that lady I was talking about, well She said “ Hello kids,my name is Lorene and I will be taking Badminton lessons for a few weeks” I looked at Jacob and he had a very happy face, because he knew how to play Badminton.

As all of my class got a racket and one shuttle,Lorene said “ Okay,the first activity we are going to do is I'm going to show you how to hold a racket and how to serve ” I said to myself “I think I'm going to be pretty bad at this” “ You hold the racket with one finger on the front and make a tight ferm grip around the racket with the other fingers” “Now we are onto serving,It’s easy, you just hold your racket against your Puku (Stomach) and the shuttle, but you have to hold the shuttle with two fingers and hit!”
“ The Next game were going to try is to keep the shuttle up in the air” I thought to myself “ This is gonna be easy peasy “ Actually it was easy,but not until we had to play Badminton Soccer. This is a game of hitting the shuttle in the air and make it land into the goals post. My partner was Jacob”I thought that he will beat me at this”So as Lorene said the WORDS I got ready, “GO” I hit the shuttle to Jacob and he was put off by my handsome beauty nah just joking, and after it finished I won.

I really love Badminton because It’s really fun and enjoying, it just gets you out of the classroom or house! I think I get it from my Dad because it he is a very good Badminton player!!!

Here is a video of badminton....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Y5 & 6 Extension group have been working on the digestive system and here is a clip made by me. We have been doing this because we watch a movie about a man who created a bottle that you could put dirty water in the bottle and it becomes clean water again.So here it is.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rugby Movie (Very Short...Sorry)

Here is a very short Movie I created.It is representing The RWC (Rugby World Cup)


Monday, August 1, 2011

The Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly...Rugby World CUP!!!!
Today, it was the first of August and it was also the first day of the term... which always means that we have an Immersion Assembly. All the teachers have to dress up to the main topic which for this term is Keep Your Eye On The Ball. The only teachers that didn’t dress up were the year 7 & 8’s because they were at tech at Tamaki College.

The first team that I liked was Team 3's Weet-Bix challenge. There were three contestants and three Rugby fans.The Rugby fans were Miss Burne, Miss Lavakula and Miss Walters. The three contestants were Levi, Jay-Lee and Tauwhare. The contestants were standing behind their rugby fan and had to try and feed them weetbix. Whoever finished the bowl of weetbix first won. Do you want to know who won??? Well Levi and Miss Lavakula won with great glory and with the New Zealand Spirit as well because they were going for the All blacks.

I wish that the next time that we have a Immersion Assembly it is as cool as this one. I hope we have a better term than the last and I hope that we will have a better topic as well.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


A couple days ago we went to MOTAT.We where lucky because we weren't going to have enough parents to volunteer.So as we checked up to see if we had enough parents Ms Squires had a big relief and she said “we have enough parents”So do you want to know who was in my Grandad’s team???They were Rauf,Isara,Junior ,Texas,Jacob and lucky last Esrah.

As we got to MOTAT the first thing we did was to introduce our self's.The person who was the instructor was a lady called Stacey.She was American.The first activity that we did was to get use to MOTAT.The first thing that my team went to was the gaming room.

The second room that we went to was the Tactile Dome.The Tactile Dome is a very dark room and a obstacle course that you had to go to.The guy said you had to use you had to use your senses the type of senses were the feeling senses and...Really that's all that he told us.Guess what...Rauf was shouted out “We’re Going to DIE!!!”

It was very fun at MOTAT because we had such fun in the gaming Room.But i hope to go there next term Or the next time.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011



What did I do in the weekend?I went to my soccer game.We play for the Papatoetoe united under11’s Avatars... and I am only nine!!!We vs Manakau But guess what?We lost because my team never I mean never ran for the ball only My cousin Tyrell,Chay and I.What was the score?10-0.

Our coach (my mum)Is going to make us work on fitness and going for that ball.I wonder if we are going to win our next game?

As I dived into the pool, I was submerged under the water. Very exhausted and drained I stopped to take a breath until I couldn't reach the floor. Eventually I got to the end and said to myself “FINALLY" I thought I might have drowned.

As I pushed off the wall with a powerful kick my movements where not that coordinated so as I went to roll over to breathe, I swallowed a gulp of water. All of a sudden I got very big cold feeling. I submerged back into the water and I glided through the water.

With determination to get to the finish line I was gasping for breath.My teeth chattered. I wanted to get to get there,kicking furiously and doing steady strokes I entered the water gliding thought the water I saw the other person in front of me.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Today skateboarders like to skate on the urban environment.They like to do 360’s and others ...Excitedly pro skateboarders like to do tricks on the vert ramp in the city.Skateboarders have many obstacles in there way such as the rails,ledges,stairs and more...They can have many risky competitions but they can be lucky.

The only skateboarders that I know is the famous Tony Hawk.He’s one of the best in the world!!!He can do 360’s and heaps’s like you can just ask him.Skateboarders get paid to do advertisement's on the television.Have you ever done and advertisement?Not likely.

Skateboarders earlier actually wear no safety gear.Also unexpectedly skateboarders have narrow boards and there boards are way wider.Would you want to be a skateboarder in that time???I guess not but it might be cool but if you fall over you’ll get badly injured or maybe not.

Tony Hawk’s Quotes

I love snowboarding, but I would never want to do it competitively or at a professional level. Snowboarding is a spawn of skating, and skating is my passion.”

“I won't quit skating until I am physically unable.”

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Man vs Wild And I shouldn't Be Alive

My favourite programme’s are I shouldn't be alive and Man vs Wild.These are videos of the movies or clips I must say that might give you excitement and maybe grossness.Please sit back and enjoy the shows!!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jacobs Visit

Wyatt’s and Jacob’s blogs

It was the day that my friend Jacob came me over to my house.That day we had eaten cyclones,chocolate paddle pops and orange flavored Ice Blocks.They were COLD!!!!.because I
After those extraordinary Ice Blocks we had a very long bike ride to Jacobs house.His house looked very well looked after.We played on the bikes for half-an-hour!!!

As time went passed Jacob and I played on the computer,and also had more Ice Blocks.Jacob played Tree Top Defence on friv and I played primary as well on friv.Then Jacob played on my
cousin’s toy guitar.

After that we played pretend fights with my little cousins Zac and Danielle.It was Jacob my cousins,and I were on teams.Jacob with Danielle and Zac with me.We had so much fun.

Later on we had more Ice Blocks and Jacob left.We had like 5 or 6 Ice Blocks,or even more????I want Jacob to come back again and he might want to come back as well and he did.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Great Acting.People not getting there clothes ready.Get to enter the I am making movies.
Nice script.Did not match the army type.To also get more confident to make more movies
Tried hard to not laughmight win a prize and go up on stage
Cool guns
It’s finally time to record parts of our movies. We got all of our parts done, I used to have my own group until I had to write the script all by myself. It’s frustrating. Instead of that I joined the bravery and heart group.

We were doing fine until the other people in our group did not bring their clothes so they couldn’t record until they brang their costume. In our group is Waata, Darius, Gabriel, Crusader, Rauf, Jacob
and me .

Did you want to know why are we doing this??? Because we are entering I Am Making Movies and if we win we will win a video camera.

I might write if we win or if we lose but it’s not all about winning it’s about having fun and doing something. This feels cool to enter a competition because I am feeling really confident.

This Is My PMI and paragraphs

“It’s finally time to record parts of our movies.We got all of our parts done,I use to have my own group until I had to write the script all by myself.It’s frustrating.Instead of that I joined the bravery and heart group.

Were doing fine until the other people in our group did not bring there clothes so they could’t record until there brang there costume.In our group are Waata,Darius,Gabriel,Crusader and me Wyatt,Rauf and Jacob.Did you want to know why are we doing this??? Because we are entering I Am Making Movies and if we win we will win a video camera.

I might write if we won or if we lost but it’s not all about winning it’s about having fun and doing something.This feels cool to enter a competition.Because I am really confident.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Whats Chewing Gum???

In 1872 in America a man called Adam Smith worked in a factory and found a piece of chicle.For fun he popped it in his mouth and chewed on it until he said “it’s still whole”.

Adam thought of a great idea to heat up the chicle and add mint flavouring.He wanted to make money out of it.But shop owners refused to sell it.

So the tutti fruity company excepted it and sold it in slot machines. People could now buy it at railway stations.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Yes!!! It’s my soccer game today. My team the Avatars are vs Manukau. I think we're going to lose like always. But I just want to win one game. So I started getting ready for the game still hoping to win
My mum (the coach) said we had to do some warm ups until the man on the other side said “Okay game time.”
"Set out formation," I shouted. Then the ref blew the whistle. Off I went I. got the ball and I went side to side swerving it pass them. My team I almost got a goal. Were we going to win this game?

“BEEP”went the whistle. I was very energized for the second halfSo much that I was running so hard to get one goal and more. My dad said “Get back in there and do your best and also try to get a goal"

“Are you all ready” said the ref
“YES” we all shouted, "Beep!" Rushing to the ball I almost got another goal I sure we were going to win this game.
All of a sudden this boy from the other team got a goal. I was shocked. After 10 minutes they got another goal after another go.... only because we had no subs and they had 3. So yet we lost again but I'll still hope to win the next game.Who will we vs next???

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

These are my friends

My friends are Isara,Rauf and Jacob.But there are many more,these are my closest friends.These are my friends because when we first met we weren't close but when we started getting older we just became friends.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My second soccer game.

What did I do in the weekend?I went to my soccer game.We play for the Papatoetoe united under11’s Avatars... and I am only nine!!!We vs Manakau But guess what?We lost because my team never I mean never ran for the ball only My cousin Tyrell,Chay and I.What was the score?10-0.

Our coach (my mum)Is going to make us work on fitness and going for that ball.I wonder if we are going to win our next game?