Friday, March 30, 2012

Haiku about Mrs Tele'a

ROW stands for rock our world. Rock our world is focused on poetry this year. It all started in 2008. Here are some Haikus about Chocolate and Mrs Tele'a our extension teacher

A Haiku is a Japanese poem about anything you want. A haiku has five syllables in the first sentence , seven in the second and five again in the last sentence so all together you get seventeen syllables. 

Mrs Tele'a
She has a head full of knits
And not very nice


Chocolate mmm mmm
Looks like a brown piece of poo
yummy chocolate

You Never Know When Someone's Watching

This is a movie that I created in my class about a korero...find out more by watching!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Craig Platt, a judge of the Skinny & Serinity National Grom Skate Competition, did the right thing by stopping teen skateboarders cutting off young children aged from years 6 to 8.

The first incident was a man wearing a green t-shirt approached Mr Platt then he shoulder barged the skateboarder off his skateboard onto the ground and he tried to say sorry for his actions but the teenagers ran away.

The second incident was another teen had cut off a child as well as the first and a teen leaped into a rock garden and knocked a little kid and guess what... HE WALKED AWAY!!! Then he stepped up toward him and then he pushed him in the throat harder than he thought he did.

That was sensible what he did and I would have done that too...

Victoria Skate Park Competition Graffiti |

M.I.T : Teaching Teachers At Manakau Institute Of Technology

Manukau Meets Pt England School. from SchoolTV on Vimeo.
On Thursday 22 of march Pt England School Ambassadors went to Manukau Institute Of Technology. To speak to some Teacher trainees. Find out more by watching my movie...

Friday, March 23, 2012


The story I have been reading is a story called Teamwork. Teamwork is about a girl named Ina. It's her first time playing for her new team and she is really excited. This is a picture of what their team look like...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


“Yes It’s CAMP!!!!”I shouted to myself. Did you know that from years 5 to 8 classes they have their own camp at Point England School. It’s starts mostly every year and mostly at the start of the term. It’s my turn and I am a year 6 so I will get the opportunity to be a leader
What I was most looking forward to at camp was the Get Lost.In kayaking I came second place in rowing   but not far behind. At last Get lost I was nearly first place I really enjoyed it because once you play you get an adrenalin rush and you race so fast to get all 10 tasks done. Kayaking was cool because I fell into the sea and out of my kayak. Then we had a bombing competition off the groin aka it's a large and kind of long rock.
. The Funniest moment at camp was when Francis,my friend hit a rubbish bin!!! It occurred because our camp teacher told us that who ever can do the goofiest walk all the way to their tent will get some points. Then Francis pulled my shoulders down and then we went past the bin and “wack!!!”.

 My Mum and Dad came down to help with the dinner and my Grandpa (Pop) and my cousins came down to see me every night!!! I can’t believe that he took time off to see me...
My goal was to be a very well and organised camp leader. In the end I thought that I was good but could do a bit better at arriving to the events. I loveee camp because it gets me away from my annoying sister!!! That’s what I like about camp and plus, it was only $60 dollars!!! For two nights and three days that was the best and I mean best camp I’ve ever been to.

Monday, March 12, 2012




1. What’s Koro’s favourite hobby?

2. Why was the boy surprised that he was showing him caterpillars?
He likes looking at butterflies

3. What 4 plants are mentioned on page 21?
Carrots,lettuce,swan plant and a cabbage plant

4. What is a “taonga”?

5. What 2 things are mentioned as taonga on pages 21 and 22?
Monarch butterflies and caterpillars

6. Why are the caterpillars called Apu Kai and Kaihoro?
because Apu kai they eat a lot and Kaihoro grew fast

7. Why is the boy called “moko”?
He’s the grandfathers grandchild

8. What does Koro get sad about?
Kaihoro died

9. Why does the Swan Plant get less bushy?
Because the catterpillars ate the bushes

10. What do the caterpillars turn into next?
a butterfly

11. Describe what they look like at this stage:a yellow white spotted butterfly

12. Why does Koro want to bring them inside?
there was a frost that night

13. Why do they have to let the butterfly go?
to explore the whole world

14. Find 2 free commons images and draw 2 tux paint images to show the 4 stages of a caterpillar’s life. Make a flow diagram with arrows and label each stage. You can do this in google presentation. Publish it on your blog.

Can't Wait!!!

It's Monday and their are only 2 more sleeps until the year 5 and 6 camp at Point England School!!!

I'm looking forward to the activity that is called GET LOST! Why i'm looking forward to this activity is because I watch the amazing race and our teacher told us that it is kind of like that.

I am so anxious about people,  because when they are in the tent they have gas but don't let it out in the day time!!! Then all of a sudden "brrfff". (don't take it personal )

My goal for those three day's is to be a very well and organised camp leader

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life Of Wyatt : Fridays!!!


Fridays are always the best day for me and I go to school all hyped up for assembly. Assembly is a meeting between the whole school and teachers to talk about the week.

After school I just relax and play and watch T.V... “Weekends!!!”.

Life of Wyatt : Thursdays

Thursdays are quite unusual because every time I wake up I think it is Friday and I get tired so fast...

As school starts I play with Howard, and we play Draughts and sometimes Connect 4. I mostly win. One more day to go!!!

Life of Wyatt :Wednsday


Wednesdays is the second favorite day of the week because we have Music & ICT. ICT is a class that is full of computers and the teacher is Mrs Tele’a and she is also my extension teacher.

After school I go down to the swimming pools and I stay there for over 3 hours!!!

Life of Wyatt :Tusedays

Tuesdays are the kind of opposite of Mondays I actually have a dream and then it fades away into the mist... of my alarm clock! Then I just went back to sleep....

As I walk into the school, I was exhausted!!! But happy to see and play with my friend Howard. We go to extension from 12:30 to home time.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Anything And Everything Shop

Endlessness,Lopsied,Oggle tree,Slurps,Titch

Slurps are greedy,ugly aliens.

Titch's are a three eyed,spikey long tailed animals.
every thousand years
endlessness is a word that is made up and it means it never ends
lopsied is a thing that has it's back lower than the other
Oggle tree is a tree with one piece of fruit that grow

Monday Mornings

I wake to hear the soundings of my alarm clock and it is the same routine. I get up,play on my Ipod, get ready play again then all of a sudden my Pop says, “Time to go to School. What???” I said to myself.

As I walked to the car my sister had already bet me. I said to myself “not again!!!” I jumped into the back seat and I was SQUASHED!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Maths Goal

My maths goal for this week is to learn my nine times table

My Vison Board

This is my Vison Board and I have told you my goal,my favorite subjects and a picture of MYSELF!!!
Hope you enjoy!