Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NO!!! Camp Bentzon Is OVER!!!

Last week was 101% AWESOME because...It was Camp Bentzon on KAWAU ISLAND!!! But sadly it had to come to an end. I have missed laughter that I shared with my friends on Kawau Island. I bursted with joy when we arrived to the Island,and then sob inside when we came back.

I really enjoyed the Kayaking,Sailing,Abseiling and especially the night concert. The group that I was in was the best group MANSION. I was the team leader and the team parents were my Mum & Dad,Mrs Parsons and Mr Parsons. The First day was a tiring day and that was because we went on a LONG hike. That was about 3-4 kilometers...

When we got back we had free time before lunch, but first we had to sort out our cabins and set up our beds. I was in cabin B with Zyrin,Paris,Makaiah,sonni and myself. I was originally going to be in cabin H with Rocky,Isara,Uili(Willie),jabez and myself but Levi, wanted to be in that cabin so badly,I could see it in his eyes. I said to him “Do you want to be in this cabin and then you can take my spot” He didn’t say anything so I lefted it.

Then Isara said to levi” Wyatt said did you want to take his spot,YES OR NO!” Then Levi said “oh oh yes please” so I let him be in there. I thought that was a Very good deed. Our first activity was abseiling and I was so eager to finish and climb down the wall, We had a choice of climbing down the big wall or the small wall and I chose the high wall I was fast climbing up the ladder. I was a bit shaky we I got to the top and she hooked me onto the ropes.

She told me to lean back and face my butt to the world and she meant to face it to the sea. At that moment I was scared but it was now or never and I climb down that wall like a cheeseball.

My favorite activity was sailing because when the wind blew fast I turned the sail to the corner of the boat,and my boat would tip but that is how you sail. I was so fast at sailing that Peter (Our Instructor) said I was an natural.

At kayaking I was a gentleman because we played a game on the kayaks and Erin the wife of Peter, picked a girl (Giselle) and the Boy (Me) and we had to climb to each others kayak and sit in it and I went out fast and trie to get to her kayak.

And she was stubborn and she was scared. So I said “ Go to my boat and I will hold the kayaks together. So once she reached my kayak I had to quickly jump into her kayak. When we went away I overheard her talking to my dad and she said “ Your son is a real gentleman, I have seen no boy on this camp help and wait for the girl they would just race across and not wait for the girl. On the last day at lunch Miss Garden said that their was a red fishing rod there for me, Peter and Erin had donated it to me because about me being a gentleman. I was really grateful.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tomorrow, It's CAMP KAWAU

1 more awesome day until camp Benson on KAWAU ISLAND! where we get to eat a LOT of food and do all-day activities.

Camp Benson is a camp that lasts for 4 days and 3 nights. We get on a bus drive for 1 and a half hours!!! And then, we have a half an hour ferry ride. Then we arrive at the wharf where we unload.

Some awesome activities at kawau island are abseiling,the burma trail and cool other things.I really like the sports tournaments all around the island. Theres a confidence course that test if you are really afraid of heights, I  twould not know since I have not been there.

I am looking forward to the abseiling because it’s a true test if you are tough or not. One other thing is the swimming because you get to jump off the wharf and have a laugh with your friends.

One challenge that I have to face is the kayaking because there is stingrays that can rock you kayak. Once a boy had one jump into his kayak.

I will like camp benson because first of all it’s on a island and it will be a lot of fun...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poem

Kawau Island

Kawau is the best
I think we need a fest.
when I jumped down
My head started to spin around
Camp will be so much fun
if it’s not i might have to get my gun.

summer can be hot
now it’s time for ice blocks
swimming in the pools
I relax my body and start to feel cool
Walking my way to the park
some dogs just had to bark

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Big Day

Breathing heavily on my mates shoulder I screamed to move up as one line, Can you guess what my story is about...

One week on a happy wednesday I had forgotten all about the big day. So when I arrived to school they had runners everywhere looking for me.The first person I saw was my mate Uili (Willie). He said to me to go to the hall, What was happening???

As I approached the hall my coach Mr Marks told me to get changed and get ready for TOUCH!!! I had forgot about this day and I wasn’t ready for this. I rushed and got everything packed into my bag and we finally walked to dunkirk reserve.

Our first game was against tamaki primary Team No.2 so we thought that was going to be a easy game. It was a pretty tight game and the score was 5-0 to US! Our next game was against Bailey Road School. But that was even tighter and the score was 0-3 to Us again!!!

We were on the road to glory and our third game was so easy against Glen Brae and the score was the same as the first and it was 5-0 to us. “This is our semi-final and if we win this game we were in the finals” We versed tamaki primary Team No.1 I scored 2 tries and my position was the dummy half. The final score was 8-0 to........US!!!!

“Yeah” Mr Marks screamed to our team “We are in the finals against Glen Innes Primary. I only scored 3 tries and they kept us in our own half in the first half and in the second half we kept them in their own half. We have been dreaming of winning this and that all of our hard work finally paid off. So the final score was 2-0 tooooo......... US!!!!

That’s right we won the touch inter-school competition and we cheered and Frankie said “Be Humble” and from that day forward we kept everyone scoreless and no scored a point against us.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Big Chill And The Big Drill


In Class today I have read a book and recounted my story and put it into a
Google Presentation. It is about Ice glaciers,The ANDRILL project and Antarctica was really different to today's Antarctica...

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Dreadful Journey

I’ve been trying to survive the night, as the time keeps passing the more cold the night Becomes. Will I make it through???...

It’s a sunny sunday morning when I decided to do one of my exciting adventures again. It was just going to be me until my dog “Marley” was so desperate to come with me. So I pack a good supply of water,food,shelter and clothes, But I did not know what I was up for?

My decision was final, and I wanted to go out west of australia, to Explore what nature has to offer and also collect some stuff as I went through. Just before I went into the forest I had this weird tingle in my stomach. But it was nothing I was just stinky...

“I Just need a shower” But in other words I need to find a waterfall. Bathing myself I was surrounded by bushes and I heard this some kind of a grumble, It was shaking the ground, AND THEN!!.... the next thing I know I think that I’m in some underground cave but no, It was just some rocks piled on me... How could I get out of this one???

This was one of the wildest adventures I’ve had in 2 years. I managed to get out in then I saw blood gushing out of my leg. Screaming my head off, no one could hear me.I remembered that I had a cell in my pocket. I pulled it out waving it around in the air but there was no signal.

I pointed out to myself “maybe tomorrow someone would come rescue me. It always happened to me in the past. The next day I woke up straight away, not with joy but with PAIN! I stood up but that was a very dangerous move. I collapsed on the floor. Crawling my way to the car, something very odd happened. My car wasn’t there but a another Van was.

I man with a deer fur coat on, jeans and a machete in his hand, Said to me... “ are you alright sonny?” Then I explained the whole story to him then he shouted at me.. “ How come you didn’t even look at the road there was a big parade going on there. But do you need a ride Home???” He whispered.

One Heck Of A Night

Down in the whitewater River Bank something terrible happened, my friends and I went for a late swim in the dark.The bank water was flowing down to a waterfall smoothly but too smooth. Mr Burt said “Never swim at night time or, never swim without a parent watching you”. But I said “I’ll be fine I don’t care” Then it happened.

BANG! An almighty scream echoed through the woods and it dragged him down with a tremendous THUD.Jesse managed to get his head up to get some air. Would anyone react soon???

We waited for a moment and someone reacted. IT WAS ME, I jumped onto it’s back, it was scaly,hard ,and it looked at me! It was A CROCODILE! I screamed and thought to myself ,if I try to open the jaw My friend would poke the eyes and hopefully it would loosen up It’s grip.While my other friend would lift Jesse’s head up to get air.

It worked! Jumping out of the water desperately I wanted to get my gun and shoot it right in the head. I wrapped my towel and shirts around the wound and applied pressure. My friend John would ring the paramedics and get help. Jesse said “ I could only see about 2 cm of my leg and the rest was in his gob.”

The Paramedics took about 30 minutes to get there, By the time Jesse’s lips had no colour. But he was just cold. Arriving back home I was so relieved,Until Mr Burt was sitting on the couch with a Grumpy Face. “UH OHH”

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shoplifter (Narrative)

After being woken by a screaming magpie, I looked out of the window to see the sun beaming in my eyes,I thought it would be a great day to ride my rollerskates outside. My nana asked me to go down to the shop and get a loaf of bread. Roller-Skating downhill to hopefully glance something at the shops as I gone past ,such as arguing customers. As I reached the local dairy, “Oh” I said,”they don’t have the tv guides outside now???” Or was it something from stopping that???

I decided that enough was enough and I went looking to find something suspicious. Finding a secret passage way to get into the shop and I saw big tough men with guns.It was sad the only hostage was the cashier who was at gunpoint.

I sneaked around to find that their was a big bottle of coca-cola on the bread. It was a devastating decision for me, It was now or never. But you know what I did... I got the                 Coke.I had a plan, to the counter with my bread and coke and said” I have to pay for this” Got the womans hand I ran for the door fizzing the coke and throwing it at the men and it was like a mini grenade.

It fizzed up and the lids popped open hitting and blinding the man. While the fizz of the coke would spray everywhere causing it to get into the mans eyes.