Monday, November 28, 2011


I,ve made this bilboard because the elections were on Saturday the 26th of November. The year 5 & 6 extension group had to do this as well. Plus this is our assignment.

This bilboard is representing Labour. The leader of labour is Phil Goff.I really hope they will win because there will be no gst on fruit and veggies. Also put the wages up 15%.

This Bilboard is comparing to Labour as well.My motto is "Make life easier".If you pick me Gst goes down while wages rise up.

I love making bilboards in Extension because the elections are very important for New Zealand!!!!


Friday, November 18, 2011


“I can’t wait to arrive at school and go home!!!”

It’s Thursday 17th of November when room 14 and some parents went to One Tree Hill & go to the Star dome. As we walked out of the bus we had morning tea. Then we went for a LONG walk up to the summit and down.

We had an amazing view once we reached the top of the summit. I could see were the bus dropped us off. As we were walking down Ms Squires our teacher told us we could play in the crater. It was a very bad day for me because a lava rock fell on my thigh and another rock my fell on my pinkie. ”ARRGHH” I shouted. We had lunch after.

Were finally about to enter the Star dome,and I am very excited. There was a lady called Petra and she was our star dome teacher.We had a look at the planets.I found a mars meteoroid and a moon meteoroid.Can you name the planets from closest to the sun? Next we went into the Star Dome,the actual thing. It is just a dome ceiling with a large projector. We watched a movie about two kids and a book with a head. I was about when they traveled to all 8 planets and a dwarf planet. Then we went into the space room. Petra was in there she made us an own solar system.

I love the Star Dome because I like space and our solar system.I want to come back here another time!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Comet Out Of ICE CREAM!!!!

Eagerly waiting for my turn I just LOOKED!!!

On Tuesday Ms Squires (My Teacher) had promised my class we will make a comet out of ICE CREAM!!! Are you wondering how that is possible? Well,first you wash your hands of course.Then make dust by crushing up biscuits,chocolate sprinkles and 100's & 1000's.Finally put a scoop of ice cream into your hand and then set it gently on a cone.

"Crunch"went the mixture of biscuits.This was before the sprinkles.We were bashing the bag like mad!!! I thought that was a sign of hungrynious (Pronounced Hung-ry-nis) and because of people starring at the person who is getting there first serve.I thought that when people stuck there nails into the spoon was pretty unhygienic,but "oh well"

After everyone had there turn I was thinking that I wouldn't want one,but I was hot so I did in the end.The scoop of ice cream just fell into my hand.I rolled it around in the mixture and it was nice and soft.Once I picked it up my fingers they were numb.I finally put it into a cone and raced outside to enjoy my delicious comet.I felt like coating it with chocolate syrup.

When I took a bite out of it I my taste buds was like they where in heaven.I gulped it up and the cone was scrumptious.If I had eaten it sooner I might have gotten a second.I said to myself"Better luck next time"

I like having things like these because it just's makes my day!!!