Monday, November 7, 2011

Comet Out Of ICE CREAM!!!!

Eagerly waiting for my turn I just LOOKED!!!

On Tuesday Ms Squires (My Teacher) had promised my class we will make a comet out of ICE CREAM!!! Are you wondering how that is possible? Well,first you wash your hands of course.Then make dust by crushing up biscuits,chocolate sprinkles and 100's & 1000's.Finally put a scoop of ice cream into your hand and then set it gently on a cone.

"Crunch"went the mixture of biscuits.This was before the sprinkles.We were bashing the bag like mad!!! I thought that was a sign of hungrynious (Pronounced Hung-ry-nis) and because of people starring at the person who is getting there first serve.I thought that when people stuck there nails into the spoon was pretty unhygienic,but "oh well"

After everyone had there turn I was thinking that I wouldn't want one,but I was hot so I did in the end.The scoop of ice cream just fell into my hand.I rolled it around in the mixture and it was nice and soft.Once I picked it up my fingers they were numb.I finally put it into a cone and raced outside to enjoy my delicious comet.I felt like coating it with chocolate syrup.

When I took a bite out of it I my taste buds was like they where in heaven.I gulped it up and the cone was scrumptious.If I had eaten it sooner I might have gotten a second.I said to myself"Better luck next time"

I like having things like these because it just's makes my day!!!

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