Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Ultra Beef"

In LA 1984,  there was a cafe called “Sugar” & they made the world’s biggest Hamburgers that were the height and length of a normal car tire. They only make them twice a month, because it’s a deadly meal. This burger is known as the “Ultra Beef ” it can give you heartburn and even chest pains, but people still come back for more. The recipe is two Double sized meat patties fried in lard. Fresh cheese, tomato and two chicken breast as the buns.

One day a boy by the name of Tommy went into the cafe and asked for the “Ultra Beef”. He gobbled it up in 2 bites and it made him have a heart attack right there and then. He suffered from an illness called pneumonia. Pneumonia is a Lung disease. So the manager of the cafe decided to cut down on the fat. So they took out the cheese. The next day the manager asked someone to taste test the burger for a prize. It was their spokesman, As he gobbled it down his throat he fell to the ground with no sudden movements. Then the manager shocked with fear, shut the “Sugar” Cafe down for ever!!!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Heart Attack Grill Should Not Come To Glen Innes

The Heart Attack Grill (THAG)

The Main Idea: I think The Heart Attack grill should NOT Come and open in Glen Innes.


The Heart Attack Grill is a fattening fast food place that sells nothing but junk. Many people in America die because of The Heart Attack Grill, they suffer from a health problem called obesity.

We will lose a lot of population in New Zealand because there are burgers such as Quadruple bypass burger!

Its Really bad for your health and teeth because they only serve you fatty food and there’s nothing on the menu that is healthy. Like Salads and healthy rolls. The worst thing about Thag is that many people have a open heart surgery because of there Quadruple bypass burgers.

I think that The Heart Attack Grill should not be open in GI.

Why I think The Heart Attack Grill should not open is because they sell fatty food with nothing but filled with junk & Oil...

The Heart Attack Grill shouldn’t come because obesity amongst people from around Glen Innes will increase.

Jon Basso (Manager) Tells customers that his food he provides will make you fat and could also kill you but if you want it he will still give it to you, also if you’re over 350 pounds you can get anything on the menu for free.

The Heart Attack Grill is a fattening fast food place that sells nothing but junk. Many people in America die because of The Heart Attack Grill they suffer from a problem called obesity.

The burgers that The Heart Attack Grill sells is nothing but fat. Such as single, double, triple and the quadruple bypass burger with four meat patties, tomato,cheese & Lettuce. They also have sides like fries, dipped into Lard (Animal Fat oil) and to top it off they put in a butter Fat shake!!!

The Heart Attack Grill is Really bad for your health and teeth because they only serve you fatty food and there’s nothing on the menu that is healthy.
The Food That The Heart Attack Grill are selling are filled with oil & sodium and sugar. The burgers are fill with 800 calories, plus the chips and Fat Shake. A normal Healthy human being should only have 2000 calories each day.

We all need to stop obesity from coming to New Zealand and also stop The Heart Attack Grill from killing young people.

Here's A link to show you the evidence that I have found.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Making Bread With Mama King!!!

Today Room Fifteen had the lovely Mrs king in our class and we made homemade bread. It was Mrs King’s Mum, she calls her MAMA KING!. Unlucky for me and Wyatt we both had to finish off our writing/maths work.

As we were bored and stuck with school work we could see how much fun the rest of the class were having. So we started to work harder and finally we Finished!. Finally! Now we could make bread. But then we weren’t allowed because there was only half an hour left.

“Luckily for Me” (Wyatt) I got to join Jesiah & Max’s group. All I had to do was make a shapes out of dough and then “Mama King” Put the tray filled with the dough into the hot oven! Our bread was done, and it was delicioso! I gave most of mine to Potaua and Anthony.

Potaua & I wanted to give a big thanks for Mama King for coming to our class and showing us how to make delicious bread, Hopefully you have a awesome mothers day. Hope you come back soon to teach us other things.!

OMG! entered Point England School with his 6 bodyguards. The whole school was full of amazed as famous singer pulled up in the point england parking. As the prefects brought into the school hall, Alot of camera people showed up with tons of questions.

I have been inspired By because he has grown up in a small and “poor” town and he has given us a great visited Pt England school and presented a 100,000,00
cheque to the Manaiakalani trust. The Kapa Haka group came on first and then the senior hip-hop came on and blew Will.I.Am’s sock’s off...

Will said we could be the next “Mark Zuckerberg or the next Bill Gates”. If we work hard and put all our effort into it. His words were really inspiring in the whole school. is a really down-to-earth guy, I can’t believe that he smiled at me!

The one thing that Will said to all of us is to "Take care of your mum and help her".

I really enjoyed that assembly with because not only he gave the Manaiakalani 100,000 dollars, but that he said we could be anything... Thank you WILL.I.AM!!!!!