Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Ultra Beef"

In LA 1984,  there was a cafe called “Sugar” & they made the world’s biggest Hamburgers that were the height and length of a normal car tire. They only make them twice a month, because it’s a deadly meal. This burger is known as the “Ultra Beef ” it can give you heartburn and even chest pains, but people still come back for more. The recipe is two Double sized meat patties fried in lard. Fresh cheese, tomato and two chicken breast as the buns.

One day a boy by the name of Tommy went into the cafe and asked for the “Ultra Beef”. He gobbled it up in 2 bites and it made him have a heart attack right there and then. He suffered from an illness called pneumonia. Pneumonia is a Lung disease. So the manager of the cafe decided to cut down on the fat. So they took out the cheese. The next day the manager asked someone to taste test the burger for a prize. It was their spokesman, As he gobbled it down his throat he fell to the ground with no sudden movements. Then the manager shocked with fear, shut the “Sugar” Cafe down for ever!!!!!

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