Tuesday, June 28, 2011


What did I do in the weekend?I went to my soccer game.We play for the Papatoetoe united under11’s Avatars... and I am only nine!!!We vs Manakau But guess what?We lost because my team never I mean never ran for the ball only My cousin Tyrell,Chay and I.What was the score?10-0.

Our coach (my mum)Is going to make us work on fitness and going for that ball.I wonder if we are going to win our next game?

As I dived into the pool, I was submerged under the water. Very exhausted and drained I stopped to take a breath until I couldn't reach the floor. Eventually I got to the end and said to myself “FINALLY" I thought I might have drowned.

As I pushed off the wall with a powerful kick my movements where not that coordinated so as I went to roll over to breathe, I swallowed a gulp of water. All of a sudden I got very big cold feeling. I submerged back into the water and I glided through the water.

With determination to get to the finish line I was gasping for breath.My teeth chattered. I wanted to get to get there,kicking furiously and doing steady strokes I entered the water gliding thought the water I saw the other person in front of me.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Today skateboarders like to skate on the urban environment.They like to do 360’s and others ...Excitedly pro skateboarders like to do tricks on the vert ramp in the city.Skateboarders have many obstacles in there way such as the rails,ledges,stairs and more...They can have many risky competitions but they can be lucky.

The only skateboarders that I know is the famous Tony Hawk.He’s one of the best in the world!!!He can do 360’s and heaps more..it’s like you can just ask him.Skateboarders get paid to do advertisement's on the television.Have you ever done and advertisement?Not likely.

Skateboarders earlier actually wear no safety gear.Also unexpectedly skateboarders have narrow boards and there boards are way wider.Would you want to be a skateboarder in that time???I guess not but it might be cool but if you fall over you’ll get badly injured or maybe not.

Tony Hawk’s Quotes

I love snowboarding, but I would never want to do it competitively or at a professional level. Snowboarding is a spawn of skating, and skating is my passion.”

“I won't quit skating until I am physically unable.”

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Man vs Wild And I shouldn't Be Alive

My favourite programme’s are I shouldn't be alive and Man vs Wild.These are videos of the movies or clips I must say that might give you excitement and maybe grossness.Please sit back and enjoy the shows!!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jacobs Visit

Wyatt’s and Jacob’s blogs

It was the day that my friend Jacob came me over to my house.That day we had eaten cyclones,chocolate paddle pops and orange flavored Ice Blocks.They were COLD!!!!.because I
After those extraordinary Ice Blocks we had a very long bike ride to Jacobs house.His house looked very well looked after.We played on the bikes for half-an-hour!!!

As time went passed Jacob and I played on the computer,and also had more Ice Blocks.Jacob played Tree Top Defence on friv and I played primary as well on friv.Then Jacob played on my
cousin’s toy guitar.

After that we played pretend fights with my little cousins Zac and Danielle.It was Jacob my cousins,and I were on teams.Jacob with Danielle and Zac with me.We had so much fun.

Later on we had more Ice Blocks and Jacob left.We had like 5 or 6 Ice Blocks,or even more????I want Jacob to come back again and he might want to come back as well and he did.