Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jacobs Visit

Wyatt’s and Jacob’s blogs

It was the day that my friend Jacob came me over to my house.That day we had eaten cyclones,chocolate paddle pops and orange flavored Ice Blocks.They were COLD!!!!.because I
After those extraordinary Ice Blocks we had a very long bike ride to Jacobs house.His house looked very well looked after.We played on the bikes for half-an-hour!!!

As time went passed Jacob and I played on the computer,and also had more Ice Blocks.Jacob played Tree Top Defence on friv and I played primary as well on friv.Then Jacob played on my
cousin’s toy guitar.

After that we played pretend fights with my little cousins Zac and Danielle.It was Jacob my cousins,and I were on teams.Jacob with Danielle and Zac with me.We had so much fun.

Later on we had more Ice Blocks and Jacob left.We had like 5 or 6 Ice Blocks,or even more????I want Jacob to come back again and he might want to come back as well and he did.

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