Friday, October 18, 2013

The Syrian Story Compared To New Zealand

Red-New Zealand Normal-Syria
Waking up to the sweet sound of birds singing, and the mouth-watering smell of the french toast that mum’s making, I dragged myself out of bed onto the carpeted floor.

As soon as I woke up I could hear grenades being thrown everywhere. I could see my brother’s and sister’s crying and balling their eyes out. I raced from the floor that I slept on, to the other bedroom. In the bedroom all I could see was my dad’s dead corpse on the floor. “Dad!” I cried, “Would I ever see light again?” I asked myself.

“get ready for school” said mum “ Yeah yeah” I replied. Hopping into the car I started to wonder about other people who don’t have the same capabilities and opportunities as me.

The door flung open and heaps of Syrian soldiers came and took me away into a truck.  I was thinking for a while, “Where were they going to take me?” but then realized that my uncle was driving the truck. “This must be good” We arrived at school I saw about 100 of my people arriving and quickly running to their classes. All around the classroom’s there were  military police guarding every corner.

Entering the school grounds I wanted to learn more about countries who were in war and who were living really hard lives. I wanted to learn about syria and how hard they live.

I had to leave school, I didn’t want to leave, it was so much fun. I can’t believe that they would take me home and leave me there with no-one there to watch me. They did.

At home on the computer, I researched syria and found out that you can donate to help syria and their people. I decided to donated enough money to send an orphan here in New Zealand to live with us. I picked the orphan who had lost her father and lives with her mother and her two babies.

Waiting at home, waiting for my death. The door opened. The military police came and told me to come with them. We entered the airport and I cried with joy because I was going to another country. “New Zealand” said one of the guards, you're living with another “SAFE” family”

She’s arrived, “ Welcome, what’s your name?”, “Zanubiya” she replied. She was a good looking girl who had cool blue eyes. “you are going to have a good life in New Zealand.

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  1. What an incredible contrast Wyatt. Thank you for challenging my perspective by sharing this uncomfortable juxtaposition.

    Mrs Burt