Thursday, July 14, 2011


A couple days ago we went to MOTAT.We where lucky because we weren't going to have enough parents to volunteer.So as we checked up to see if we had enough parents Ms Squires had a big relief and she said “we have enough parents”So do you want to know who was in my Grandad’s team???They were Rauf,Isara,Junior ,Texas,Jacob and lucky last Esrah.

As we got to MOTAT the first thing we did was to introduce our self's.The person who was the instructor was a lady called Stacey.She was American.The first activity that we did was to get use to MOTAT.The first thing that my team went to was the gaming room.

The second room that we went to was the Tactile Dome.The Tactile Dome is a very dark room and a obstacle course that you had to go to.The guy said you had to use you had to use your senses the type of senses were the feeling senses and...Really that's all that he told us.Guess what...Rauf was shouted out “We’re Going to DIE!!!”

It was very fun at MOTAT because we had such fun in the gaming Room.But i hope to go there next term Or the next time.