Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh

This well-known painter was Vincent Van Gogh. He made this very bright and colorful painting and that was called “Sunflowers”.This painting was made with oil paint and is 73 X 92 cm. He made masterpiece in 1888. When they first saw it no one wanted to buy it, but now it’s worth millions!!!

The Colour of the “Sunflowers” are a little bit of red, brown and yellow, sometimes he would buy paint instead of FOOD!!! Also he wouldn’t use a brush??? He used a knife!!!

Van Gogh Sunflower painting was very very thick. It was so thick that you can see it in the petals and in the books! Im trying to tell you that his painting is thick.
What I like about the “Sunflowers” is that there is a mixture of old and dead sunflowers and their is also shine rebounded off the vase. But what I really don’t like about it is that he didn’t make it move like the others...

I think that Van Gogh painted this picture because he kept thinking about his friend Paul Gauguin and how his room looked like...

I know that Van Gogh had a sad life, his friend went, his ears gone and I would not want to be him! But I would want to have his art skills and his technique. If I was him now I would be a millionaire and I would live in a big mansion

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