Monday, December 16, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is a great man who had fought for civil rights and served 27 years imprisonment and when he came out of prison he had not given up. He accomplished his dreamed left a great legacy.

The early ages of Mandela he could afford to go to school. He went to a primary school near a village called Qunu. He got given his nickname (Nelson) by his teacher. Miss Mdingane. “No one in my family has ever gone to school, I’m the first one.”

He wanted to defend his civil rights against his people. Doing that he was taken to prison. He was in prison for 27 years!

Once he was released, he did not stop his goal. He kept going, he was elected ANC deputy president. Voting for the first time, he was elected. The first president for Republic of South Africa.

After divorcing his wife, He finds a new wife! He was finally stepped down as president of South Africa. He announces that his great-granddaughter has died in a car crash. He attends to the hospital for abdominal pain. He is discharged from the hospital, he has gone back 5 times for the same reason
After being discharged from hospital he cherished on december 5th, 2013

Unexpected Surprise

Thank you Variety, Johnson & Johnson & MOTAT, for giving the whole school presents. We all really appreciate you giving us ALL gifts. Thanks to the people who took time to wrap and give the presents. I received a wooden car that I had to build. I will treasure it forever.

I am grateful to get a present, I have made one of the cars from the present. I still have to create the second car. Getting the present was quite unexpected. Thank You.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Action World!

The day finally came, we could get the chance to go on a trip. It was to ACTION WORLD! This was the trip of the year, only because it was the ONLY trip we got to go on! We arrived at School.

Arriving at school wondering did anyone else bring their mufti? I walked through the gates and everyone else was! Except for my best mate, Anthony! “Why aren't you wearing mufti!” I questioned him. “oh, I forgot?”. “Whatever” I replied.

All the year 7’s had to meet up at the Street. So we could see if everybody was here. After that we boarded the bus. “We have finally arrived.” I’m going to try the rock climbing part first. Entering the building, there was an instructor, and his name is Jerry. He was telling us about the rules and safety.

We got right into it. Our first activity was the Jump n Slide. Where you get to get up the stairs and either jump, or you could either slide in the carpet type thing. I choose to jump off. I did a front flip the first time, then I did a back flip.

The second activity was the crazy ladder. It was a ladder that twists and turns and all of the people fall off. I was the second one to do it, Levi was the first. But I think I can go way faster than him.

It was time for free time. The first thing I went on was the free climb. I had to master it. The first time I tried it was too easy I had mastered it. I finally went to the crazy ladder. I kept falling off. Until I kept calm and took it slow and steady. I finally rang the bell.

I have mastered two activities. I went to try the jungle swings. They were technically monkey bars, just oval bars. I did it but I couldn’t jump over the Batman thingy. It was too wide and tall.

We came back to school and Anthony and I were not tired, so we decided to play handball with the year 6’s.


Netbook Reflection 2013

I have been able to have the opportunity to learn a lot more than last year on my netbook device. My amazing teacher, Miss King has taught me all complicated things like, Scratch. That online programme, is to make you actually create your own game!

I have learnt to make my own maze game on scratch all by myself. All the coding and animations. It’s very fun. Something my friend has taught me all year is how to get my movie making lip syncing in time with the film.

I have learnt from my cousin to do all technical things in the terminal center. I have helped my friend to make his movies way better and how to film in different angles. My work has improved a lot because of my mates and my teacher.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Untitled This creative strand week, we have made a dessert called truffles. The little round balls filled with marshmallow and chocolate, also surrounded with coconut flakes. I was in a group with four other boys, Jayden , Brent , Sonny and Paris.

 I came along a while after because I was greeting visitors for a while. When I came back, they were up to mixing the mixture. In the mix was marshmallows, chocolate, cocoa and other ingredients. We then had to grab a little piece and roll it into a ball. Then it was my job to roll the ball around coconut flakes.

We had to clean up our groups table and then we could taste test our truffles.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Swimming Recount And Gif

gif maker These past few weeks, the whole senior block have been having swimming lessons. It has been a lot of fun, from the start I have been in the highest swimming group. Our amazing instructors were Miss King & Miss Tito.

One day we had to swim the length of the pool and I swam 29 times. So you get to the end of the 33.something meter pool and that counts as one. Imagine doing that 29 times! But my friend Isara had done a whopping 33 laps!

Swimming for me is really fun and it also helps you in life if you get dragged into a tide like my mum. 1ZuRx