Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Picnic

It’s that time of the year again our school has a lovey day on the beach, but we have to take over 600 children! Can you guess what we did? We went to the PICNIC!!! It was so rainy the
day before that, I thought that we would not go to the picnic, the day it came It was spitting I said to myself” ohh no” Then all of the sudden

When we sat down I had a drink and I was OFF!! I played soccer with my dad Isara’s dad,Jarna,Isara,Francis,Ava,Tj and more... we were losing until my dad came in and we started to win.

After that I had a drink Isara and I went down to the beach and started skimming rocks. Unfortunately Isara had a broken wrists and it was his right arm. So he had to use his left, It was difficult for Isara. How could he do this???

This was the end of the school picnic and it was a very sunny day.  I was very exhausted but i’m gonna have a good time at Isara’s house...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning's

I have been learning to hook my audience in.
Here are 3 introductio0n options, which one do you like best?

Sunday night I have a mix of dreams and nightmares, so I keep waking up and getting tired and tired and more tired. Finally I have a dream, and straight after 30 seconds (Not exact)
“Splat!!! goes my dream” Now you know how my Monday mornings are.....

2. Every Mondays I get up half asleep. Something that perks me up is a very nice FRIGHT!!!!
I wish someone would just scare me every time I wake up?

3. Mondays are so suffering, It’s like having a Christmas present so awesome then you realize it’s just a dream. Straight after that I then say it was just a dream. Then I groan in agony!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Kingfisher

Did you know that the kingfisher’s wings are so shiny like if you see gold it’s very bright.That is what a kingfishers wings are like but not as shiny.Also there wings are very beautiful.

They live in the lovey country of Tennessee. Tennessee is in America

There Maori name is a Kotare. So if you are Maori you should call them a Kotare.

Kingfishers catch there prey by sitting high up in a tree and they swope down and open                    their beaks and gobble their prey up.

I like soccer
But I don’t like getting hit in the face with the ball

I like spaghetti
But I don’t like it falling off my toast

I like Parks
But I don’t like getting blisters

I like every day
But I don’t like sleeping

I like Gardening
But I don’t like spiders

I like the Xbox 360
But I don’t like Hard Games

I like Apple devices
But I don’t like them when they overheat

I like Walking
But I don’t like Sprinting

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How To Get Legal Pictures

1.Type your keyword into the search bar on Google
2.Press Images,then press top right hand corner button.
3.Go to the bottom and press labeled for reuse
4.Press search images

Friday, February 3, 2012


In a school holiday there are very exciting activities such as swimming at a beach or going to Rainbow’s End. But this is so much better, IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!

My main present was an Ipod Touch and 150 dollars of credit for Itunes. As soon as I opened my presents I got straight onto the computer to buy music,apps and other cool stuff!!! What did you get for Christmas???

Then our family came over and we had a very nice bbq, as the day went past my cousin’s and I played a game called spotlight.Spotlight is a game with at least 3 people,one a tagger with a light and 2 hiders. So if the tagger spots you with the light you in!!!

Christmas a such a fun day everyone but the best thing is that it’s EVERY YEAR!

I'm Back!!!

I'm Back from a long holiday doing crazy things.I am in the class of Ms Garden,a fun and creative teacher!!!