Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning's

I have been learning to hook my audience in.
Here are 3 introductio0n options, which one do you like best?

Sunday night I have a mix of dreams and nightmares, so I keep waking up and getting tired and tired and more tired. Finally I have a dream, and straight after 30 seconds (Not exact)
“Splat!!! goes my dream” Now you know how my Monday mornings are.....

2. Every Mondays I get up half asleep. Something that perks me up is a very nice FRIGHT!!!!
I wish someone would just scare me every time I wake up?

3. Mondays are so suffering, It’s like having a Christmas present so awesome then you realize it’s just a dream. Straight after that I then say it was just a dream. Then I groan in agony!!!


  1. Nice work. Number 3 was the hook that engaged me - made me smile :)

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hey Wyatt
    I think number 1 was the best because you used great vocabulary

  3. Hello Wyatt its Howard.
    I liked your 2nd paragraph because its got a sense of humor.