Tuesday, July 31, 2012

These Are My Stress BUSTERS!!!

Medley Relay Event

...As far as we know in the olympics,the medley relay swimming event is one of the most featured sport. It involves four types of swimming strokes in one order,and only swimming. Each stroke is carried on by a different team member.

Paragraph 2
...Four strokes in the medley relay event are backstroke followed on by butterfly then breaststroke and last freestyle. The first member hops into the water with feet and hands on the rail and go they push off and then after they touch the other end the other members dive in until it finishes.

Paragraph 3
...The aim of the game is to swim the 100 meters. which would be to one length of the leisure pool twice. They compete in a 50 meter pool. The equipment they use is speedos,goggles and sometimes,head caps! Head caps make your head slice through the water like a bullet....

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chariot Racing

Thanks to http://eglewis.blogspot.co.nz for the Picture

Chariot racing is one of the most popular event in the ancient greek,roman and Byzantine olympics in olympia. It was important to them. The point of the game is to knock the opposition off their horse. If you were famous your wheels will have spears on their.

There would be a lot of deaths and injuries in those days, imagine it today!!! The Chariot started to end when the Fall of Rome happened. That means that rome took over Greece. It was only Byzantine who survived it. That is how it officially ended

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Bee's Stinger!!!

Why do bees sting??? They only sting when someone is provoking them or driving them up the wall. There alarmed and ready to fight.They sting you with their weapon.

Only the worker bee can sting. When they sting you they get stuck,because the stinger has a tiny barb on it,much like a mini hook. It also injects a single drop of poison into your system.

Everyone says that a bee can only sting once then it dies,well that is because the person who gets stung knocks the bee, causing the barb in the stinger to stay into the person's body injuring the bee and then it dies. But if you left the bee to sting it pulls out the stinger...naturally.

It is true if a bee can sting as many times as they want, but only if we do not separate the stinger from the bee.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ancient Wrestling

The Greek boys were taught wrestling at school. Ancient wrestling is not like wrestling today. They would be taught in the Palaestra. A Palaestra is a large public place where you can train.

It was because there was a lot of war around greece.They would be trained to self defend themselves and kill other people other than greek people. Boys in greece would learn how to flip and take down any people. They got taken over by the romans.


Olympic London 2012

Swifter,higher,stronger is the Motto for the Olympic Games. The latin words for swifter,higher,stronger is Citius Altius Fortius. Baron de Coubertin borrowed the motto from his Father,Henri Martin Dideon,a headmaster of a school in paris. They use this motto to encourage the athletes.

The Flames is one of the ancient traditions that they use in the olympics. It starts in Olympia,greece,when it gets lit ONLY by the sun's rays months before the opening ceremony. Then gets relayed to country to country until it gets to the host city.

The flame gets carried into the stadium to the cauldron,where it gets lit until the it burns out or until the last event,then it gets extinguished. Only one famous person can light the cauldron. I think the person who lights the cauldron is David Beckham this year.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Olympic's 2012

The Olympics is where all athletes come together with each other and try to win for their country.Baron Pierre De Coubertin is the awesome man who created the rings to represent the 6 nations of Blue,Black,Red,Yellow,green on a white background.

At the olympics,the flag gets hoisted up in the stadium on the opening ceremony, it represents the nations.The flag has the 5 rings on it and it stays up there for the entire games from start to end. When the flag is lowered down that means the Olympics are officially over.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Im an Olympian

I am an olympian and my sport is VB also known as Volley Ball. Here is a picture of me from Picmonkey and enjoy !!!