Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Medley Relay Event

...As far as we know in the olympics,the medley relay swimming event is one of the most featured sport. It involves four types of swimming strokes in one order,and only swimming. Each stroke is carried on by a different team member.

Paragraph 2
...Four strokes in the medley relay event are backstroke followed on by butterfly then breaststroke and last freestyle. The first member hops into the water with feet and hands on the rail and go they push off and then after they touch the other end the other members dive in until it finishes.

Paragraph 3
...The aim of the game is to swim the 100 meters. which would be to one length of the leisure pool twice. They compete in a 50 meter pool. The equipment they use is speedos,goggles and sometimes,head caps! Head caps make your head slice through the water like a bullet....

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