Monday, December 1, 2014

Tattoo Designs

My extension class had a set task to make two symbols. The first one, representing your nationality. Your second one representing yourself and your favourite things to do.

"Copy and paste this html to open my Product file:///Users/Student/Desktop/Samoan%20Ext/index.html
The first symbol I have drawn, is the “Teuila” Samoans national flower. Also, in the background, there is the New Zealand Flag. These symbols represent my culture. Because I am half samoan.

The New Zealand flag also represents my culture. Because I am also half New Zealander. One of the most favourite things I like about NZ is that, Theres not that much natural disasters.

The Second symbol I have drawn is a soccer ball, representing my hobby. In the soccer ball, are four turtles. Because the turtle symbol, means family and family members. Which means, I will have four turtles. My Mum, Dad, Sister and I. My Mum and Dad are the adult turtles, and my sister and I are the smaller turtles.

If your having any difficulties, here is my product, in their sequences.

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