Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Picnic

It’s that time of the year again our school has a lovey day on the beach, but we have to take over 600 children! Can you guess what we did? We went to the PICNIC!!! It was so rainy the
day before that, I thought that we would not go to the picnic, the day it came It was spitting I said to myself” ohh no” Then all of the sudden

When we sat down I had a drink and I was OFF!! I played soccer with my dad Isara’s dad,Jarna,Isara,Francis,Ava,Tj and more... we were losing until my dad came in and we started to win.

After that I had a drink Isara and I went down to the beach and started skimming rocks. Unfortunately Isara had a broken wrists and it was his right arm. So he had to use his left, It was difficult for Isara. How could he do this???

This was the end of the school picnic and it was a very sunny day.  I was very exhausted but i’m gonna have a good time at Isara’s house...

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