Monday, October 21, 2013

Labour Day

Labour Day 28th of October

How did labour day start? It all started with a guy called Samuel Parnell who refused to work more than eight hours a day. He encouraged his fellow workmates to only work at least eight hours a day.

In October 1980 a members meeting passed, agreeing the idea to let workers only work eight hours a day. The 50th anniversary came along and the everyone commemorated with a parade. Over the years, the government stipulated that the holiday would observe all over the nation.

The other countries who celebrate Labour day are United States, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago & also us, New Zealand. We usually celebrate by having a free monday off school & work.

I really appreciate Labour day because I feel really sorry for the workers who had to work more than eight hours. I only learn six hours for five days. It must of been really exhausting for them.

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