Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Halloween To Me Is:

Dead corpses
Toilet paper n eggs
Haunted House

What I think Halloween is about. I think it is about remembering the people who died also the saint’s. I think the jack’o lanterns are about souls who had been denied entry into heaven and hell.

Things found out now:

:Celtics originated halloween

:Romans would pour milk and make cakes to stop the evil spirits come through the world.

:Trick or treating comes around by beggars who would come to random pupils houses and they ask for soul cakes and they would prayer for the dead who are in purgatory

:Purgatory is a world in between heaven and hell. It’s not as bad as hell but still fiery

:Many women were accused of witch craft, the many tools were cauldrons, broomsticks and CATS! The cauldron was used to make potions.

My version of halloween:

Halloween all began with Lemuria on may 13th, then it was changed to All Saint's Day, then moved to November 1st. The name changed again to All Hallows Day. The day before that was All Hallows Evening, then shortened to all hallows even. Then finally changed to Halloween

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