Friday, May 10, 2013!

OMG! entered Point England School with his 6 bodyguards. The whole school was full of amazed as famous singer pulled up in the point england parking. As the prefects brought into the school hall, Alot of camera people showed up with tons of questions.

I have been inspired By because he has grown up in a small and “poor” town and he has given us a great visited Pt England school and presented a 100,000,00
cheque to the Manaiakalani trust. The Kapa Haka group came on first and then the senior hip-hop came on and blew Will.I.Am’s sock’s off...

Will said we could be the next “Mark Zuckerberg or the next Bill Gates”. If we work hard and put all our effort into it. His words were really inspiring in the whole school. is a really down-to-earth guy, I can’t believe that he smiled at me!

The one thing that Will said to all of us is to "Take care of your mum and help her".

I really enjoyed that assembly with because not only he gave the Manaiakalani 100,000 dollars, but that he said we could be anything... Thank you WILL.I.AM!!!!!

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