Thursday, April 18, 2013

Working Hard

What a crazy term I’ve had. First of all I was surprised that I was in room 15, because last year I was in room 17. “What” I said to myself... This term wasn’t what I expected it to be. I have made new friends and a whole lot of stuff. My teacher Mrs King ALWAYS makes movies!!! So it was a privilege to have her as a teacher! The most fun activity I did was the triathlon! I love tri sports!

Sometimes it would be a rush to get work done because we had to write a 100 word story. IN LESS THAN AN HOUR. “It doesn't seem that hard” you might be saying but it really is.

I really looking forward to more movie making, competitions and so much more. The success that i’ve done this term was... Getting my work done fast, by MILES! because I wouldn't get my work done as fast as this term. I think my biggest challenge for term 2 is maybe not getting distracted. I would get my work done and I wouldn’t stay inside for lunch.

This would be my last post for term 1. Until term 2

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  1. Wyatt I have enjoyed seeing the progress you have made this term. Being in Year 7 suits you (or is it being in Room 15?). I love that you are continuing to be a fabulous ambassador for Pt England School and I am looking forward to reading your holiday posts.

    Mrs Burt