Tuesday, April 9, 2013


“Creakkkk” the wooden floor went when I ran across the other side, I slammed the door shut.My annoying sister wouldn't give the Ipad back. I decided to look in the basement for some old junk I could play with. I stumbled across a chest. It was the long-lost chest from my great grandad’s dad “ A Pirate.”

“I have to keep this quiet” I whispered. I have to find the key. “Look,a map” I said. It was underneath the chest. “It looks like it outside” It was Just laying there, the key from the treasure chest. On the Grass.....

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  1. Hey Wyatt,

    Your story deffinately has me wondering what you'd find in the chest. You might want to watch out with your punctuation, make sure you have a space after full stops and commas.

    Great work, Keep writing :) Mr. Hutchings