Friday, May 10, 2013

Making Bread With Mama King!!!

Today Room Fifteen had the lovely Mrs king in our class and we made homemade bread. It was Mrs King’s Mum, she calls her MAMA KING!. Unlucky for me and Wyatt we both had to finish off our writing/maths work.

As we were bored and stuck with school work we could see how much fun the rest of the class were having. So we started to work harder and finally we Finished!. Finally! Now we could make bread. But then we weren’t allowed because there was only half an hour left.

“Luckily for Me” (Wyatt) I got to join Jesiah & Max’s group. All I had to do was make a shapes out of dough and then “Mama King” Put the tray filled with the dough into the hot oven! Our bread was done, and it was delicioso! I gave most of mine to Potaua and Anthony.

Potaua & I wanted to give a big thanks for Mama King for coming to our class and showing us how to make delicious bread, Hopefully you have a awesome mothers day. Hope you come back soon to teach us other things.

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