Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tired from the holidays, I was hoping to see an exciting topic for this term.”Ding,ding” went the bell. I rushed into the room and all I see..... a sign with planets! Luckily it had a topic,and it was...Outta This WORLD!!! I thought to myself this would be 8 weeks of Gravity and Planets!

Walking into the hall for Immersion Assembly I saw aliens, ballet people...ay,ballet people?  “What has that got to do with space ?” I wondered. Oh well.Who cares? I saw people with boxes on their head and last of all, sun people.

Mr Burt, our principal, ran in wearing no costume but his school uniform! That will sound strange but yeah he did. Usually he has the best costume of all. He started the assembly with a story about the constellation Manaiakalani, the hook from heaven. He also told us how the north island of New Zealand was formed.

”Now it’s time for Team 1” he exclaimed. Team 1 had an amazing movie about the sun. It was about wondering where the sun was.

“Now it’s time for Team 4.” They made a movie too. It was the Wiggles song “Twinkle ,Twinkle Little Star” It was funny because they were ballerinas and they were doing twirls and eaps.One of them was a MAN!!! Mr Marks!!!

I love this topic for this term because I am pretty knowledgeable about space, planets & gravity. I think it will be fun.

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