Monday, November 5, 2012

One Heck Of A Night

Down in the whitewater River Bank something terrible happened, my friends and I went for a late swim in the dark.The bank water was flowing down to a waterfall smoothly but too smooth. Mr Burt said “Never swim at night time or, never swim without a parent watching you”. But I said “I’ll be fine I don’t care” Then it happened.

BANG! An almighty scream echoed through the woods and it dragged him down with a tremendous THUD.Jesse managed to get his head up to get some air. Would anyone react soon???

We waited for a moment and someone reacted. IT WAS ME, I jumped onto it’s back, it was scaly,hard ,and it looked at me! It was A CROCODILE! I screamed and thought to myself ,if I try to open the jaw My friend would poke the eyes and hopefully it would loosen up It’s grip.While my other friend would lift Jesse’s head up to get air.

It worked! Jumping out of the water desperately I wanted to get my gun and shoot it right in the head. I wrapped my towel and shirts around the wound and applied pressure. My friend John would ring the paramedics and get help. Jesse said “ I could only see about 2 cm of my leg and the rest was in his gob.”

The Paramedics took about 30 minutes to get there, By the time Jesse’s lips had no colour. But he was just cold. Arriving back home I was so relieved,Until Mr Burt was sitting on the couch with a Grumpy Face. “UH OHH”

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  1. Hey Wyatt,

    That's a really good story of you saving your friend from a crocodile. Your beginning really hooked me in and made me want to read more. Keep up the excellent work and keep working hard!

    Your Sincerely Jarna