Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NO!!! Camp Bentzon Is OVER!!!

Last week was 101% AWESOME because...It was Camp Bentzon on KAWAU ISLAND!!! But sadly it had to come to an end. I have missed laughter that I shared with my friends on Kawau Island. I bursted with joy when we arrived to the Island,and then sob inside when we came back.

I really enjoyed the Kayaking,Sailing,Abseiling and especially the night concert. The group that I was in was the best group MANSION. I was the team leader and the team parents were my Mum & Dad,Mrs Parsons and Mr Parsons. The First day was a tiring day and that was because we went on a LONG hike. That was about 3-4 kilometers...

When we got back we had free time before lunch, but first we had to sort out our cabins and set up our beds. I was in cabin B with Zyrin,Paris,Makaiah,sonni and myself. I was originally going to be in cabin H with Rocky,Isara,Uili(Willie),jabez and myself but Levi, wanted to be in that cabin so badly,I could see it in his eyes. I said to him “Do you want to be in this cabin and then you can take my spot” He didn’t say anything so I lefted it.

Then Isara said to levi” Wyatt said did you want to take his spot,YES OR NO!” Then Levi said “oh oh yes please” so I let him be in there. I thought that was a Very good deed. Our first activity was abseiling and I was so eager to finish and climb down the wall, We had a choice of climbing down the big wall or the small wall and I chose the high wall I was fast climbing up the ladder. I was a bit shaky we I got to the top and she hooked me onto the ropes.

She told me to lean back and face my butt to the world and she meant to face it to the sea. At that moment I was scared but it was now or never and I climb down that wall like a cheeseball.

My favorite activity was sailing because when the wind blew fast I turned the sail to the corner of the boat,and my boat would tip but that is how you sail. I was so fast at sailing that Peter (Our Instructor) said I was an natural.

At kayaking I was a gentleman because we played a game on the kayaks and Erin the wife of Peter, picked a girl (Giselle) and the Boy (Me) and we had to climb to each others kayak and sit in it and I went out fast and trie to get to her kayak.

And she was stubborn and she was scared. So I said “ Go to my boat and I will hold the kayaks together. So once she reached my kayak I had to quickly jump into her kayak. When we went away I overheard her talking to my dad and she said “ Your son is a real gentleman, I have seen no boy on this camp help and wait for the girl they would just race across and not wait for the girl. On the last day at lunch Miss Garden said that their was a red fishing rod there for me, Peter and Erin had donated it to me because about me being a gentleman. I was really grateful.

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