Monday, November 5, 2012

A Dreadful Journey

I’ve been trying to survive the night, as the time keeps passing the more cold the night Becomes. Will I make it through???...

It’s a sunny sunday morning when I decided to do one of my exciting adventures again. It was just going to be me until my dog “Marley” was so desperate to come with me. So I pack a good supply of water,food,shelter and clothes, But I did not know what I was up for?

My decision was final, and I wanted to go out west of australia, to Explore what nature has to offer and also collect some stuff as I went through. Just before I went into the forest I had this weird tingle in my stomach. But it was nothing I was just stinky...

“I Just need a shower” But in other words I need to find a waterfall. Bathing myself I was surrounded by bushes and I heard this some kind of a grumble, It was shaking the ground, AND THEN!!.... the next thing I know I think that I’m in some underground cave but no, It was just some rocks piled on me... How could I get out of this one???

This was one of the wildest adventures I’ve had in 2 years. I managed to get out in then I saw blood gushing out of my leg. Screaming my head off, no one could hear me.I remembered that I had a cell in my pocket. I pulled it out waving it around in the air but there was no signal.

I pointed out to myself “maybe tomorrow someone would come rescue me. It always happened to me in the past. The next day I woke up straight away, not with joy but with PAIN! I stood up but that was a very dangerous move. I collapsed on the floor. Crawling my way to the car, something very odd happened. My car wasn’t there but a another Van was.

I man with a deer fur coat on, jeans and a machete in his hand, Said to me... “ are you alright sonny?” Then I explained the whole story to him then he shouted at me.. “ How come you didn’t even look at the road there was a big parade going on there. But do you need a ride Home???” He whispered.

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