Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Big Day

Breathing heavily on my mates shoulder I screamed to move up as one line, Can you guess what my story is about...

One week on a happy wednesday I had forgotten all about the big day. So when I arrived to school they had runners everywhere looking for me.The first person I saw was my mate Uili (Willie). He said to me to go to the hall, What was happening???

As I approached the hall my coach Mr Marks told me to get changed and get ready for TOUCH!!! I had forgot about this day and I wasn’t ready for this. I rushed and got everything packed into my bag and we finally walked to dunkirk reserve.

Our first game was against tamaki primary Team No.2 so we thought that was going to be a easy game. It was a pretty tight game and the score was 5-0 to US! Our next game was against Bailey Road School. But that was even tighter and the score was 0-3 to Us again!!!

We were on the road to glory and our third game was so easy against Glen Brae and the score was the same as the first and it was 5-0 to us. “This is our semi-final and if we win this game we were in the finals” We versed tamaki primary Team No.1 I scored 2 tries and my position was the dummy half. The final score was 8-0 to........US!!!!

“Yeah” Mr Marks screamed to our team “We are in the finals against Glen Innes Primary. I only scored 3 tries and they kept us in our own half in the first half and in the second half we kept them in their own half. We have been dreaming of winning this and that all of our hard work finally paid off. So the final score was 2-0 tooooo......... US!!!!

That’s right we won the touch inter-school competition and we cheered and Frankie said “Be Humble” and from that day forward we kept everyone scoreless and no scored a point against us.

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