Monday, November 19, 2012

Tomorrow, It's CAMP KAWAU

1 more awesome day until camp Benson on KAWAU ISLAND! where we get to eat a LOT of food and do all-day activities.

Camp Benson is a camp that lasts for 4 days and 3 nights. We get on a bus drive for 1 and a half hours!!! And then, we have a half an hour ferry ride. Then we arrive at the wharf where we unload.

Some awesome activities at kawau island are abseiling,the burma trail and cool other things.I really like the sports tournaments all around the island. Theres a confidence course that test if you are really afraid of heights, I  twould not know since I have not been there.

I am looking forward to the abseiling because it’s a true test if you are tough or not. One other thing is the swimming because you get to jump off the wharf and have a laugh with your friends.

One challenge that I have to face is the kayaking because there is stingrays that can rock you kayak. Once a boy had one jump into his kayak.

I will like camp benson because first of all it’s on a island and it will be a lot of fun...

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