Monday, March 12, 2012



1. What’s Koro’s favourite hobby?

2. Why was the boy surprised that he was showing him caterpillars?
He likes looking at butterflies

3. What 4 plants are mentioned on page 21?
Carrots,lettuce,swan plant and a cabbage plant

4. What is a “taonga”?

5. What 2 things are mentioned as taonga on pages 21 and 22?
Monarch butterflies and caterpillars

6. Why are the caterpillars called Apu Kai and Kaihoro?
because Apu kai they eat a lot and Kaihoro grew fast

7. Why is the boy called “moko”?
He’s the grandfathers grandchild

8. What does Koro get sad about?
Kaihoro died

9. Why does the Swan Plant get less bushy?
Because the catterpillars ate the bushes

10. What do the caterpillars turn into next?
a butterfly

11. Describe what they look like at this stage:a yellow white spotted butterfly

12. Why does Koro want to bring them inside?
there was a frost that night

13. Why do they have to let the butterfly go?
to explore the whole world

14. Find 2 free commons images and draw 2 tux paint images to show the 4 stages of a caterpillar’s life. Make a flow diagram with arrows and label each stage. You can do this in google presentation. Publish it on your blog.

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