Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Craig Platt, a judge of the Skinny & Serinity National Grom Skate Competition, did the right thing by stopping teen skateboarders cutting off young children aged from years 6 to 8.

The first incident was a man wearing a green t-shirt approached Mr Platt then he shoulder barged the skateboarder off his skateboard onto the ground and he tried to say sorry for his actions but the teenagers ran away.

The second incident was another teen had cut off a child as well as the first and a teen leaped into a rock garden and knocked a little kid and guess what... HE WALKED AWAY!!! Then he stepped up toward him and then he pushed him in the throat harder than he thought he did.

That was sensible what he did and I would have done that too...

Victoria Skate Park Competition Graffiti | Stuff.co.nz

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