Monday, September 12, 2011

Cross Country

Photobucket“Dah Donk,Dah Donk” went my pounding heart. I was anxious because it was the 10 yr olds to start their Cross Country race. Here was the good part, I was in it! I’m actually nine but my birthday is 4 days away in September. I said to my dad before cross country... “I might lose because I only came 5 or 6th last year”
“It doesn't matter,” he replied, “But you should still do your best.”

I kept his words in my head and got back into game mode. Mrs Garden lined us up into a curved line and put the fast people in the better end because they can run uphill.
Mr Burt shouted “On you marks, Get set........Go!!!” I blasted off with a energy boost and past everyone in front of me, until Lorenzo Kelly Brown shot passed me. It was funny because I was coming 1st then he overtook me and I moved into 2nd place and we did that althroughout the race.

During the race we ran uphill into a little track where it was just shells and rocks. You had to follow the track until it got you to a bridge which lead you through a forest full of trees. When I looked ahead I could see Tamaki College. Miss King was there and told us to go left and that lead us back onto the track again and we followed this until we came to the finish line.

Eventually I came 2nd I felt good because it was still a huge improvement instead of coming 5 or 6th. My dad was very proud and my mum as well.

I like Cross Country because it can be fun especially if we have no accidents and we didn’t.

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