Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank you Bucklands Beach Lions Club for these free and enjoying books you have saved up for us.

My first book that I have got are made by an author Geronimo Stilton book and the title is I'm Not A Supermouse. All that I have read so far is that he is trapped in a elevator in new mouse city library and his phone rings….

The second book is made by Jim Eldridge and the title is called The Trenches.It is about the first world war there is a man in there and thats all I know about that book.

A another thanks to the Bucklands Beach Lions Club for supporting us.We get these books every year.The name we call the books are Duffy Books!!!


  1. Hello Wyatt,

    It's your Sis here, I would just like to say that was a good story about your duffy books and how you thanked the Bucklands Beach Lions Club. And by the way who's the author of the book Geronimo Stilton? Any way have nice day little brother

    Love Jarna:)

  2. Actually I do not know the author of Geronimo Stilton