Monday, September 19, 2011


Did you know that fire alarm are not being used properly...why? Well read this article.

Have you ever wondered if your fire alarm is working???
You should because 90% of people do not have working smoke alarms & 10% Do!!! So that is a BIG difference.Also did you know that most fire alarms expire between the age from five to ten years,so if you have had your fire alarm for more than that age you might need it to maybe buy a new one.

You should make a fire plan in-case if a fire does occur. Then you will have a escape plan,but make copies and put them in every room in the house because if you are trapped you will have an escape plan with you...

When you are in a fire you will need to get down,get low & get OUT FAST!!! After you get out you need a safe place to hide and get to.When an adult gets there tell them to ring 111 or if they are not get to your neighbours house & ask them.

Now I feel good that people are using them now.

Here is a video I made on Hyperstudio...Sit Back And Enjoy The Show!!!

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