Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rollerbladeing at camp

Asking the man to get my skates I got a size 2 in line skates.Skating to the rink I was darting though people and my parents.All of a sudden I tripped over and guess friend Jacob ran over my fingers...twice. I cried. I jumped up and got out of there. While sobbing I asked my dad if he could get a ice pack but instead he got a green bag of peas.

It was race time and I entered one.The race was just around the rink,I came third to last.That was me for the races until...the limbo competition.

On the limbo competition, I was thinking I would win this one. On the first go at it I passed. The second go I passed. Guess what? On the third one I even passed.Unfortunately the last one my back hit the pole and fell to the ground.Brodie and another girl won the limbo.

I wish we could go there next time at camp.

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