Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This Is My PMI and paragraphs

“It’s finally time to record parts of our movies.We got all of our parts done,I use to have my own group until I had to write the script all by myself.It’s frustrating.Instead of that I joined the bravery and heart group.

Were doing fine until the other people in our group did not bring there clothes so they could’t record until there brang there costume.In our group are Waata,Darius,Gabriel,Crusader and me Wyatt,Rauf and Jacob.Did you want to know why are we doing this??? Because we are entering I Am Making Movies and if we win we will win a video camera.

I might write if we won or if we lost but it’s not all about winning it’s about having fun and doing something.This feels cool to enter a competition.Because I am really confident.

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