Friday, May 6, 2011


Yes!!! It’s my soccer game today. My team the Avatars are vs Manukau. I think we're going to lose like always. But I just want to win one game. So I started getting ready for the game still hoping to win
My mum (the coach) said we had to do some warm ups until the man on the other side said “Okay game time.”
"Set out formation," I shouted. Then the ref blew the whistle. Off I went I. got the ball and I went side to side swerving it pass them. My team I almost got a goal. Were we going to win this game?

“BEEP”went the whistle. I was very energized for the second halfSo much that I was running so hard to get one goal and more. My dad said “Get back in there and do your best and also try to get a goal"

“Are you all ready” said the ref
“YES” we all shouted, "Beep!" Rushing to the ball I almost got another goal I sure we were going to win this game.
All of a sudden this boy from the other team got a goal. I was shocked. After 10 minutes they got another goal after another go.... only because we had no subs and they had 3. So yet we lost again but I'll still hope to win the next game.Who will we vs next???

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