Monday, August 1, 2011

The Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly...Rugby World CUP!!!!
Today, it was the first of August and it was also the first day of the term... which always means that we have an Immersion Assembly. All the teachers have to dress up to the main topic which for this term is Keep Your Eye On The Ball. The only teachers that didn’t dress up were the year 7 & 8’s because they were at tech at Tamaki College.

The first team that I liked was Team 3's Weet-Bix challenge. There were three contestants and three Rugby fans.The Rugby fans were Miss Burne, Miss Lavakula and Miss Walters. The three contestants were Levi, Jay-Lee and Tauwhare. The contestants were standing behind their rugby fan and had to try and feed them weetbix. Whoever finished the bowl of weetbix first won. Do you want to know who won??? Well Levi and Miss Lavakula won with great glory and with the New Zealand Spirit as well because they were going for the All blacks.

I wish that the next time that we have a Immersion Assembly it is as cool as this one. I hope we have a better term than the last and I hope that we will have a better topic as well.

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  1. Wyatt I really enjoyed your post hope you write more great stories like this.

    Love from your Big Sis Jarna <3