Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shoplifter (Narrative)

After being woken by a screaming magpie, I looked out of the window to see the sun beaming in my eyes,I thought it would be a great day to ride my rollerskates outside. My nana asked me to go down to the shop and get a loaf of bread. Roller-Skating downhill to hopefully glance something at the shops as I gone past ,such as arguing customers. As I reached the local dairy, “Oh” I said,”they don’t have the tv guides outside now???” Or was it something from stopping that???

I decided that enough was enough and I went looking to find something suspicious. Finding a secret passage way to get into the shop and I saw big tough men with guns.It was sad the only hostage was the cashier who was at gunpoint.

I sneaked around to find that their was a big bottle of coca-cola on the bread. It was a devastating decision for me, It was now or never. But you know what I did... I got the                 Coke.I had a plan, to the counter with my bread and coke and said” I have to pay for this” Got the womans hand I ran for the door fizzing the coke and throwing it at the men and it was like a mini grenade.

It fizzed up and the lids popped open hitting and blinding the man. While the fizz of the coke would spray everywhere causing it to get into the mans eyes.


  1. Hey Wyatt,

    What an interesting story about robbers. I like the way you used good vocabulary. Keep up the amazing work!!!

    Your Sincerely Jarna