Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Empathy? Empathy is knowing a person's perspective, or knowing their feelings. Empathy is belonging, or making others belong. It can also be relating to others problems.

You can show empathy by looking after someone, or playing with them. For example, if you’re friend is getting mocked at or bullied by someone. After you can go up to your friend and relate to how they are feeling.

Another example for you could be if your friend falls off the playground and injures themselves.
You could help them and feel their pain. You can show many ways of empathy. You can sound Empathetic, Feel and look Empathetic.

This is how you can sound empathetic, if you’re friend is feeling depressed or down. You could ask or relate to their feelings.

Empathy to me is putting yourself in others shoes. Or seeing their picture in their eyes.

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