Wednesday, March 26, 2014

News Report

Skydiving Gone Wrong

On March the 23rd an incident happened in Queensland Australia, when a Skydiving trip went horribly wrong, claiming the lives of 5 people, including two kiwis. Rahi Hohua and Joey King, a  family of 7.

At the start of take off Cessna 206 had very low altitude when it took off, the plane plummeted into the ground then bursted into flames.

When the plane was burst into flames their bodies were very badly burnt. This was Joey’s last  Facebook status, “So I woke up this morning nervous, about the skydiving today. I'm about to conquer my greatest fear. I love everyone lol” That was his final words.

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  1. Hey Wyatt, I see you are an intelligent young man and will be very successful someday. Your blog is very interesting and well put together. While I was reading your blog, it was as if I was reading an adult's. Great vocabulary. My prayers go out to that family involved in the skydiving accident. God bless!