Monday, October 3, 2011

The First Rugby Ball

Do you want to know how Rugby balls made??? If you do this is a  story you won’t forget.

Soccer balls were made by a raw Pig’s Bladder that also holds the              urine .Pretty disgusting I know I thought that too! They are all  different sizes because Pig’s are. The olden Rugby balls were very  unhygienic and also had a yuck smell as well.

Let me tell you how they played Rugby in the olden days.They didn’t! They played Soccer like me. Rugby didn’t come along until... William Webb Ellis was in High School.In his High School,they were playing a game of soccer and then he disobeyed the rules and picked the ball and then ran with it and scored a try


  1. Hi Wyatt you have a good story about The first rugby ball. If I was playing rugby I will be sick. Wyatt you had some intersing word but you need to fix your story. Bye and keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Wyatt i really like your story about the First Rugby ball. You had some interesting words. Nice word you had done.