Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We have been learning about Mascots. Mascots have a ability to bring good luck to a special event such as the Commonwealth games or the Olympics. This story is going to tell you all about my mascots background.

A mascot is a symbolic figure to an Organisation, it can also bring good luck to the Games.

The 2014 commonwealth games mascot was Shera from India, her name comes from the word Sher, meaning tiger.

This years mascot for the Commonwealth games is Clyde. A purple headed thistle. A thistle is the national plant in Scotland. When they are fully bloomed the top of the plant becomes purple.

The mascot clyde, the thistle, was designed
by A twelve year old Cumbernauld school pupil Beth Gilmour. Beth was amazed when she won the nationwide competition for designing Mascots for the commonwealth.

Clyde was chosen because the judges were impressed with the drawing and it relates to the commonwealth games because its in scotland.

My mascots name is Taonga and he brings good luck to the commonwealth games. He is a native symbol to New Zealand and the Commonwealth games. His favorite fruit is feijoa and when he eats a feijoa he gets super powers and becomes a super athlete. This is my Mascot (Below)


  1. Hey Wyatt,

    I like the look of your mascot it really represents New Zealand. Maybe next time you could add more detail to the eggplant. Great work Wyatt.

  2. Hello Wyatt

    I like the way you design your mascot GREAT WORK!