Monday, August 25, 2014

Storylines Tour

On Thursday, the 28th of August 2014. The extension class will be going to the Vodafone event centre to attend the Storyline's Tour. There will be four amazing authors, Their names are Catherine Mayo, Juliette Mclver, Jill Macgregor and Paula Green. They will be sharing their amazing stories with us. One author I will be looking forward to is Catherine Mayo because she is all about medieval times and war.

Paula Green was born in the west coast of Auckland. She is a children's author and she was the 2008 judge of the New Zealand post Secondary school poetry Competition.

Catherine was born in Auckland and she was in a band called Gentle Annie. Her musical instrument is the violin.

Juliette Mclver was born in Wellington and she has studied at Victoria University and she has a degree in Linguistics. She is a english teacher and has a diploma in English.

Jill Macgregor was born in Dunedin and she lives in Kapiti coast where she is a school teacher, she was a teacher in Tonga in the 1990's. From then she has travelled nearly all around the Islands.

Questions I would ask Catherine Mayo:

  •    When did you start performing music. 
  •     What would you do if you didn't get this Opportunity 

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  1. Hi Wyatt! It's good to see that you've already taken a keen interest in one of the authors we will hear from tomorrow. It's good that you have thought of some questions should we get the opportunity to ask some.