Monday, June 23, 2014


Today in extension we challenged ourselves with the 20 thinkers keys. Today we did BAR. B is something that you can make bigger. A is something you can add it the object. And finally R is something you can replace on the object. This is what the students in extension did to my 5 minute house.

Check out what thinker keys and BAR is at:

B is making the house itself bigger.

A is adding an extra window.

R is replacing the chimney with an aerial.


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  2. Hey Wyatt,

    I was B who made the house bigger because it was quite small and yeah it was a good drawing though best seen so far.


  3. Hi Wyatt,
    I was your adder of the window as you can see. I added it because it looks much better :D and its for the wind to go in or for the sun to rise in the house to make it warm! Sorry but it looked much better anyways!

  4. Hey Wyatt,

    i replaced the chimney with an aerial. I mean you can't have a house without a tv! Anyways I hope you still have enjoyed your new home .... with a tv.