Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Auckland's Violent Night (Writing Sample)

This is a writing sample I did in just 40 minutes. Given by my teacher.
Wild winds in the night of Auckland, New Zealand, leaving a trail of destruction in it’s path. Floods, knocked down trees, making holes in residents houses. It’s causing around 60,000 people to go without power. The streets are filled with litter and debris from trees.

Many schools have had trees tipped over by the storm, many have had surface floods, covering footpaths and doorways.

Several cars have been crushed and crumpled by fallen trees. Many have cars wedged by trees so the car cannot be driven out.

One kid has had to be rushed to hospital last night, fortunately he had minor injuries. But no-one has been seriously hurt.

Vector and other power companies have been working all last night to prevent this from happening again. Vector have restored nearly everyones power!

But the storm has not finished yet, it is expected to move south past Auckland.

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