Friday, November 15, 2013

Future Aspirations Seminar@ PES

It was the 14th of November, Future aspirations seminar happened. Entering our school came, Tristen Pang, Mosa Mafileo,Emma Brown, Aysha Hohaia and Caine Warren. All five of them came to talk to us seniors, about how they had a dream and how they accomplished it.
My favourite person who spoke was Tristen Pang. He has sat a 15 year old NCEA test and passed with 97 percent! He is studying at the university of Cambridge next year. That's how smart he is! He inspired me because he had a dream to be the best maths genius EVER! He did that, at the age of 10!

He was my favourite speaker out of the five. My future aspiration is to become the all-time best soccer player ever.

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