Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Approaching the starting line I was feeling quite nauseous and dizzy. “I’m going hard-out” A mysterious voice passed everyone. Was I ready for this 3k run? Will all my training pay-off?

Bang! the clappers sounded as everyone bolted past me! Picking up my pace, most people had already started walking!

Running through the gates, I was feeling really energetic, “Splosh, splosh” as mud flicked off the ground and into my face. My ankles and heels were aching from being the frontrunner with the little kids.“ I can do this” I kept repeating to myself.

I was on my second lap and had a gut wrenching feeling in my stomach. But I had to keep persevering myself to keep running.

The finish line was in sight and I was feeling really good. Because I had ran the whole way without stopping. Although, I was quite close to though. Crossing the finish line I was so tired and was feeling quite faint. Splashing water over me, I felt re-energized.

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  1. Hi Wyatt. I've read your post and understand how cross country running is something not all look forward to. While I can tell you weren't the most excited about it I just have to tell you that you did so well yesterday! You ran in looking like you could have gone another round. So well done Wyatt!